Sliding Genioplasty

Also called "Chin Advancement", this procedure is yet another option for chin enlargement.  This procedure can be performed through an intra-oral or an intra-dermal (or extra-oral) incision.  Regardless the bony chin and mandible is exposed and a section of the jaw is removed with an oscillating bone saw.  The bony piece is then moved forward and secured with metal plates and screws.   Do know that you will be able to feel an abrupt "shelf" of sorts both underneath the jaw and in the anterior part of the new "chin" -- where it was slid forward.  However, tissue will cover your new chin and look very natural. 

Genioplasty has more of an incidence of nerve damage (especially the inferior alveolar and mental/menton nerves) than chin augmentation via alloplastic implants.  It is the most difficult or time-consuming for the surgeon to perform and has more down time, but less risks in the long run.  The advancement can be very slight or more dramatic, depending upon your needs.

The results can appear very natural when performed correctly.  The results may be comparable to a chin implant.  The choice of an implant or bone advancement is up to the patient and neither one is risk free.  Please discuss this with your surgeon and be sure the technique details, risks, complications and contraindications are fully explained to you.

In some cases a sliding genioplasty may be conducted in conjunction with advice from a dentist. A smile makeover may be in order as the newly more pronounced chin may provide the opportunity for a better smile. Visit our sister site to find a dentist and learn more about Invisalign cost or to answer questions like “How much do dental implants cost?













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